Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under the Table Drawing

I just love when ideas spontaneously come about!  The other day, while drawing at the table, I reminded T to draw on the paper not the table and the idea came to me to go under the table.  Of course, this is really nothing new, we would draw under the table all the time when I was teaching.  My kids, although, had never had this experience.  So I taped the paper to the underneath of the table and we crawled under it.  T got busy drawing with the marker in his toes, which I thought was pretty clever.  It was pretty fun to watch them draw from a different perspective.  This is a good experience in spatial awareness, small motor skills, creativity and pre-writing.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Good idea! This post made me laugh out loud though! As a child, I always would sneak and draw under the coffee table but actually on the table. My Mom had no clue until several years later when they traded the table. She was quite surprised by my little secret. I hope my Elle does not pay me back!! Kerri

Time For Play said...

Kerri, that is too funny! At least it was just drawing and not something else like gum!