Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lego Words

Recently, my 4 year old is very interested in words, letters and spelling. He also loves to build with Lego's.    So, I put this little activity together for him.  First, I asked him what words he would like to build.  He came up with a list, which included, spaceship, Mommy, Daddy, Buzz (as in Lightyear), toy, and his sister's name.  I wrote these on cards.  Then, I put a little piece of clear tape on the side of the Lego's and printed the needed letters on them.  He would choose a word and then gather the correct Lego's to spell it out.  He now knows how to "read" all of them.  Nothing like a little play for learning to read!  This activity combines fine motor skills, letter recognition, and reading.

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