Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Balloon Tennis

I couldn't get a really good picture of these two playing "Balloon Tennis".  At least I was able to snap these two, just so you can get the idea.  These "rackets" are from when I was teaching so they are pretty well worn.  I just haven't gotten around to making new ones.  They still work and that is all that matters to T and R.  Just pull a wire hanger (if anyone still has those) into an oval or round shape and cover with a old pair of nylons (I used one leg per racket).  I bent the hook of the hanger around to form a handle and then secured the whole thing with tape.  Blow up a balloon and show the kids how to hit it and then let them go.  Such a great hand/eye coordination game and lets them get rid of some of that energy when they are stuck inside on a cold, winter day!

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