Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rice Mosaics

I put this out for the kids while I was cooking.  It kept them so busy they didn't even notice I wasn't there.  I did need to explain to them to shake off the rice and add more glue every once in awhile.  My two year old just squirted her glue all over and then piled on the rice.  My four year old carefully planned out his picture (a spaceship, of course) and glued, sprinkled rice, then shook, added a line of glue and then rice, then shook.  He continued this process until he got the picture he desired.  
All you have to do to color the rice is put it in a bowl, add some food coloring (or liquid water color, if you have any) then stir it up until all the rice is colored. 

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Jada Rocks said...

very cool...Thanks for sharing:) Now following.

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