Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reverse Print Painting

This was a veggie tray that I got at the grocery store.  Once the veggies were gone, I noticed the cool print on the bottom of it.  Thinking it would make a cool design, I took out the paint and brushes.  That always brings the kids running. 
 We painted the bottom with blue and black paint, then pressed the paper into it.

 It is always a nice surprise to see what print will appear on the paper, like magic!

 We even broke out the roller to see what would happen.
  .  I think these would make really pretty wrapping paper.  We will try it again with some different colors.  What do you think?
If you don't happen to have one of these cool trays, you can always try doing reverse prints on Lego's, Bristle Blocks, tiles glued to cardboard or even a fish!  When they do reverse prints, kids are learning cause and effect (painting + lifting off = printing), shape exploration and of course, creativity.
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