Friday, October 22, 2010

Monsters in a Bottle

Meet our Bottle Monsters.  My camera was on the charger while we made these, so I only have the "after" picture.  We do lots and lots of cutting and have lots and lots of scraps.  I have a habit of saving and I keep all the scraps in a bag.  So, we took some empty juice bottles and started stuffing the paper in them.  We used the end of a wooden spoon to mushed it in tight.  Then we glued pom-pom smuzzies for hair, googly eyes, paper mouths and pipe cleaners for arms.  I cut out the feet because T insisted they needed feet.  I could see these as pumpkins, ghost or even bottle people.  Endless ideas...... 

This is a great creative activity as well as having the kiddos use their small motor skills for tearing and crumbling the paper.
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