Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Different Kind of Glue Ghost

I posted the original glue ghost the other day, which are so easy to make and lots of fun .  Then I found some cheesecloth in the sewing stuff isle at the store and thought I would make these with the kids too.  All you need is cheesecloth, glue, water and some bottles to make the form.

 Cut the cheesecloth into squares and soak it in water/glue mixture.
 Spread it out and play with the form a little bit.  T doesn't like to get his hands too dirty so his was just flopped on the bottle.  R, on the other hand, loves to get messy, so hers was a little bit more formed.
When the glue dries, it will be stiff and you can simply pull it off the bottle.  We added goggle eyes, but you could easily draw them on too.  Thread a string through the top and there you are.....floating ghost.

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