Monday, June 17, 2013

Rainbow Ivory Soap Experiment


Okay, so this experiment/experience/activity has been around for a long time now but I wanted to share with you our experiment and what we did with the blown up soap afterwards.  What you will need is a few bars of Ivory soap (yes, it HAS to be Ivory Soap!), some water, colored water and pipettes (or medicine droppers).  I cut the bars in half first and the kids put them in a container of water.  After that we put the soap in the microwave for 60 sec.  We watched in amazement and fascination while the soap expanded and grew!!  Super Fun!

Now we had this super awesome, fluffy, blown up soap.  The kids could not wait to get their hands into it.  I placed colored water and pipettes on the table so they could color their soap and let them go at it.  They examined, colored, manipulated for the rest of the day!  Amazing social, language, fine motor, observation, problem solving, math, and science skills all  being used in this process!


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