Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firework Couture

My wonderful friend, Meagan, sent me some pictures of her kids making their own Fireworks shirts for the big day tommorrow.  They came out so cute, I asked her if I could share the shirts with you all.  Thank you, Meagan!!  I just love the way they came out.  YOU still have time to do these.  Just grab a white shirt, some sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, some rubber bands and cups or jars.  Here's how she did it.

Just rubber band your shirt (here, her 5 year old is making a onsie for their baby boy) to your cup or jar.  Draw in some stars with the markers and then drip or spray with rubbing alcohol.  The colors with start to run and spread.  Move the shirt and do it again until you are happy with the coverage.

Look how cute he looks!

They came out GREAT! Just throw them in the dryer to set the color.

You can see where we did this HERE. We didn't use the cups just drew on the shirts.

Thanks again Meagan, for letting me share this.  Your kiddos are just too cute!
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Brooke said...

These turned out great! Much better than our attempt to do firework shirts with real tie-dyeing.