Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cork Boats

Have you visited A Little Learning for Two? If not, you should.  I saw these cork boats on her blog and thought they look super fun.  I borrowed a couple corks from our fabulous neighbors (along with their kids, thanks Kylea and Justin!).  The kids had a terrific time designing and creating their boats.  Here is what we used to make them.
-craft sticks
-hot glue
-craft foam sheets
-screw in hooks

I placed everything out on the table and invited the kids to design their boat using the materials on the table.  They did an amazing job.  I didn't provide them with any type of model, they came up with the design by working together and problem solving their way through the construction. 

We used hot glue to glue the sticks to the corks.

Screwed the hook into the front of the boat,

Here is one finished, they cut out their sails however they wanted.then I showed them how to fold it in half and push the toothpick in.  They did need a little help pushing the toothpick into the cork to hold the sails up.

Here is one that the girls designed.  I love it.  All about balance!

Here it is floating away in the little pool.

They even gave them a ride down the slide.

T designed his as a pirate ship.

They were a great hit, from start to finish! These were great for a warm summer day.  Now to go get some more corks (wink wink).

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea; especially letting them problem solve and desing their own ship. Can't wait to let my grandsons create one.

Caz said...

Wow what a cool raft! I love the girls design, how clever is that! Thanks for linking back, using hot glue is a much better idea than waiting overnight like we did!! :D

Arpana said...

I think I can get corks at Michael's craft store. I will do this project with my pre school summer camp group tomorrow. We will put the hose in the sand and make a river, islands, peninsulas, etc. They will love this and the boat will be the right size.