Monday, November 21, 2011

Painting with Pinecones

While camping in the mountains this summer, we gathered up some pinecones.  I sealed them up in a plastic bag just in case in buggies hitched a ride in them.  I just broke them out the other day to do some painting.  I taped some paper to the bottom of a deep box.  Then the kids squirted their choice of paint onto the paper.  They tossed in the pinecones and shook, shook, shook!  Instead of changing the paper for each kid, we just squirted in some more paint and passed it on to the next kid.  A good lesson in sharing as well as some great large motor skills.  We definetly shook some sillies out! So if you have some pinecones around, this is a really fun paint activity for your kids.....and YOU!

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