Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Felt Turkey Finger Puppets

We made these really cute, no-sew finger puppet turkeys to go along with one of our favorite songs
"5 Little Turkeys are We".
They are so simple and the kids really enjoyed personalizing them.  I cut all the pieces out from felt because it is difficult for little hands to do. I cut triangles for feathers and beaks, red waddles, and used brown half ovals (not sure what to call that shape) for the bodies.  Then, the kids glued the feathers onto one side of the brown bodies and then we glued the top body, leaving an opening to put our fingers in.  Then we used googly eyes and the other felt pieces to add faces.  Then we just needed to wait for all the glue to dry.
Here is the words to the song we use them with, but really any song about turkeys would work.

Five little turkeys are we,
We hid all night in the tree,
when the cook came around we couldn't be found,
that's why we're here you see!

Then we take one away and keep going...

Four little turkeys are we,

and so on...

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