Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Melted Crayon Art

Here is something else you can do to use up those broken crayons.  We used pencil sharpeners to make lots of crayon shavings.  This is an excellent fine motor skill, helping those little muscles needed for we can all this experience, "pre-writing"!  We put a towel down and then a piece of paper.  They sprinkled the shaving onto the paper, topped with another piece of paper, another towel, and ironed it all.  We had the iron on low, so it took a little bit longer but the kids were so excited to see what was going to happen they didn't really seem to mind.  Plus, I let them use the hot iron.....ooh, the intrigue!  You can see in the picture R's reaction when she opened the picture.  So happy.  We did this over and over again.  We tried simply folding the paper and ironing right on it.  It worked great but I was concerned about the paper burning. 

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