Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DIY Felt Board

I had the best felt board when I was teaching.  Now, as a stay at home mom, one is just not in the budget.  I had this big poster board from something and a big sheet of felt. Put the two together and you've got a great felt board.  I measured and cut the size I would need to cover one side of the poster board.  Then I sprayed the board with spray adhesive and smoothed the large piece of felt onto it.  I wrapped the sides around and gave another couple sprays of adhesive to keep it on.  Voila!  Done. It took me less than 5 minutes yet the kids played with it all day. 
In the pictures, R is playing with our "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle book felt pieces.  For those, I simply placed some white paper over the pictures in the book, traced and cut them out to make templates for the felt.  Really easy, and I am all about quick and easy.

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Fernando Neto said...

Great idea ! I´ve never used felt board with my classes but I want to start and you´ve give me a great idea ! Thanks.
Denise - denise870@hotmail.com

Tina said...

yes a great idea for my school! In which way the felt pieces stick on the board???

Time For Play said...

Tina, they stick anyway you want. The felt pieces just stick to the board. So easy. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

What is a good size of a board for 2-3 year-olds to use at home? Will probably let it sit on the floor when in use. Also, is it best to use actual felt or flannel fabric for the board?

Time For Play said...

Hi Elaine! I used a large piece of felt but I would imagine either material would work. I just used the side of a large box. For 2-3's you might want to make a couple individual boards, or a larger one, just so they can all get their hands on it. Thanks for visiting! Good Luck!