Monday, December 13, 2010

Star Finder

I was inspired with this idea the other night.  My son and I were outside looking at the stars and I was trying to show him the pictures in the stars, or the constellations.  He is very interested in the planets, sun, moon, rockets, etc.  So I had the idea to make our own with a flashlight.  We took a piece of paper and poked holes in it.  We used a pencil first to see what size they would make.  Then, I took an empty oatmeal container and cut out the bottom.  We taped the hole punched paper to the top and shined the flashlight through while in a dark room.  It was a big hit.  Then T wanted to make more "poke" pictures.  He drew this great rocket and I punched holes on his lines with a tiny  Philips head screwdriver. Then we went back into the dark room.  Voila!  A rocket on the wall.  It was so fun.  While we were racing the rocket on the walls, the kids began a game of "Smash"!  One of them held the flashlight and the other would try to "smash" the light on the wall.  That was hysterical!  I love when one thing creates another.  I took pictures of them playing in the dark, but those didn't quite come out right.  Hope you get the idea anyway.

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