Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creating Carbon Dioxide.....and Fun!

We really love the good old erupting volcano using baking soda and vinegar but since our sand box is snowed in I wanted to try an indoor, mini version.  I poured baking soda into a tin baking tub.  Then we put vinegar in little cups with a little food coloring.  Using pipettes (droppers), we dropped the vinegar into the baking soda causing little eruptions.  It was super fun and exciting and we ended up using an entire box of baking soda.  My son kept yelling "look, I'm making carbon dioxide".  It also makes a super, slimy mixture that is fun to stir and mix. 

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Anonymous said...

Volcanoes are so much fun :) We got my 7yo one of those volcano making kit things for Christmas. It was fascinating to all of us that the plaster of paris used to make the volcano heated up as it was setting. We had so much fun googling and learning why.