Friday, January 20, 2012

Playing with Toddlers

Since most of my post are geared towards preshool ages (like my own), I thought it might be helpful to share how we engage our toddler groups too. I am talking babies and up. Most of these my preschoolers enjoy too! Here are some of the ways we encourage discovery and learning with our Little's.

ice cubes in shallow water with scoops and spoons
(the pot behind them is filled with warm water, for comparing)
Baby ball pit (balls in a pack n play)
an empty box = hours of entertainment

metal bowls and wooden spoons

old Cd's hanging in a window make amazing rainbows
 and on the floor, in front of a sunlit window,
 they make great reflections on the ceiling

Sensory Bottles, there are endless possibilities....
 1/2 oil + 1/2 water, color the water any color
a broken costume necklace in water
 decorative glass pieces in colored shampoo
 nuts, screws, other metal odds and ends
 cut up, colorful straws and buttons in water
 a few squirts of dish soap in some water
shmuzzies (pom poms) and rice
Fill your bottle (I like the small Gatorade ones but any one will work)
 add some hot glue to the inside of the lid and glue on. 
plastic play necklaces
 (I found these at the Dollar Tree,
I like the ones that have the connector to take apart)

a hand held mirror for discovering our faces and making some too!

an old cupcake pan for sorting balls into

a couple step stools to climb
Toddlers love, love to climb, it is a developmental stage
that they need to go through. 
Don't try to stop the climbing, just provide a
safe place for them to to do.

As always when playing with babies, close adult supervision is required. 

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Deborah Stewart said...

I love all of these idea. I have been making little games for my grandson who is just now 9 months old. Today, we played with strips of fabric and he loved it:)

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

There are so great. I know I will be using lots of these ideas. I am a new follower visiting from The Sunday Showcase. Vicky from Mess For Less

Coloring Pages said...

I thought it might be helpful to share how we engage our toddler groups too. Children are very keen to inquire about things
Coloring Pages

Time For Play said...

Wow! Thanks Vicky. So happy you are enjoying them, I know our babies love doing all of these!

Aimee said...

What fun ways to play! Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Showcase!