Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Canoe, Canoe?

How fun are these little canoes.  You have everything you need right now to make these!

- paper towel roll
- crayons (or markers, or paint, or whatever you want)
- scissors
- stapler (or glue depending how patient you are!)

I cut this one in half, but you could leave it whole too. 

Cut the middle out of the paper roll.

  Have the kids decorate with your choice of medium. We used crayons so we would be able to play with them right away.  Staple the ends together and BAM...done!

So fun and easy, right? Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ice Popsicle Paintings

Painting with ice is a fun way to create and is a great sensory experience for little ones.  We have painted with ice cubes before but I thought the kids would be able to paint longer if their hands weren't frozen.  So, I froze water in popsicle makers.

We sprinkled powdered tempera on our papers.  Empty spice shakers are perfect for this!

Then I let the kids create away.  

Good, icy fun!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tee Pee / Wigwam Preschool Craft

We had so much fun making these cute little wigwams.  We had a discussion on what a "home" can look like and included igloos and wigwams in our discussion.  We made these paper plate wigwams to use with our little painted peg people.

We cut a paper plate in half and then colored our designs on it.  We collected some sticks from outside and taped them to the inside of  the plate.

(tape sticks inside, sticking up a little)

Then we rolled the paper plate into a cylinder shape and stapled it shut.  Cut your little door and your done.  Easy, cheap an super fun.  

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ice Crowns

Okay well, not really, ice.... but "icicle looking" might be more accurate. My kids loved making these and squeezing the glue bottle onto the triangles is an excellent fine motor strengthening skill.  Yay!
Here is  how we made them,

First, fold a paper plate in half,

Cut triangles through center.  When you unfold the paper plate, you might need to cut a few more triangles on the sides.

The kids used crayons first to color around and on the crown.  Then we folded up the points and added some glitter glue.

Then put it on and do a little ice dance!  Or not, whatever.  Some of my kids have very large brains so I had to cut the crown and staple a little strip of paper to help the crown go around their little heads.  

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