Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Target Practice with Wet Sponges

We had so much fun with this activity.  First we soaked a couple sponges in a tub of water.  The kids drew their own targets on the fence with chalk.  Then, they took aim and threw the wet sponges at their target.  They problem solved the best angle to throw the sponge so it would stick to the fence.  This is great for hand/eye coordination, problem solving, fine motor skills, large motor skills, not to mention, a fun way to stay cool on a hot day (it didn't take long before the kids were using each other for targets).  All in good fun, of course! 

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cork Boats

Have you visited A Little Learning for Two? If not, you should.  I saw these cork boats on her blog and thought they look super fun.  I borrowed a couple corks from our fabulous neighbors (along with their kids, thanks Kylea and Justin!).  The kids had a terrific time designing and creating their boats.  Here is what we used to make them.
-craft sticks
-hot glue
-craft foam sheets
-screw in hooks

I placed everything out on the table and invited the kids to design their boat using the materials on the table.  They did an amazing job.  I didn't provide them with any type of model, they came up with the design by working together and problem solving their way through the construction. 

We used hot glue to glue the sticks to the corks.

Screwed the hook into the front of the boat,

Here is one finished, they cut out their sails however they wanted.then I showed them how to fold it in half and push the toothpick in.  They did need a little help pushing the toothpick into the cork to hold the sails up.

Here is one that the girls designed.  I love it.  All about balance!

Here it is floating away in the little pool.

They even gave them a ride down the slide.

T designed his as a pirate ship.

They were a great hit, from start to finish! These were great for a warm summer day.  Now to go get some more corks (wink wink).

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Babba Box Review and Giveaway

Have you heard of Babbaco?  I just discovered this wonderful company. They offer a monthly subscription fun filled, play box for kids ages 3-6 (but I had tons of fun with it and I think any age would like it),  The boxes include theme based activities and projects, books and a code for digital downloads and online content.  It includes EVERYTHING you need to do all the projects, including instruction cards to help you out. They were so gracious to send us a box to try out.  SWEET!  I just had to share this amazing company with you.  They even offered to give a FREE box to one of my readers!  How great is that!  Let me show you what our box had in it.  Truly amazing. 

We received the Rainbow Theme Box. (Every month its a different theme)

We found this prism inside along with an instruction card on how to make rainbows with it
We chased rainbows all over the room trying to catch them. My son carried around the prism for days, trying to make rainbows everywhere. He liked it so much, he slept with it!

The box included a bubble wand filled with bubbles, and pipe cleaners so we were able to create our own too
A shape sheet, so you can make your own shaped bubble wands
And they worked very well
The next project was dying a sun hat, which was also included.  There was only one, so the kids each decorated one side.
The tissue paper and spray bottle were included to complete the project.

 The finished result.  She did the front and he did the back!
Since I'm not good at letting things go unused, we used the remainder of the tissue paper and made a rainbow on paper, using the same technique as the hat.
We read a book "A Rainbow of  My Own" which was included in our box too!
Themed coloring sheets
Once again, I can't resist a good quality box either.  We taped some paper down, added rainbow colors
toss in some marbles

Gave it couple of good shakes...

and our colorful results!!
A bright, sunny umbrella was also inside our lovely box.  My daughter loves it!

Isn't that an amazing idea?  Everything you need all in one spot.  They also have a code to go online and do some extension activities, but we have just been having way to much fun with the other wonderful activities and haven't had a chance to look at the online content. 

I was not compensated for this review by Babbabox, however, I did receive a free box to review.
  All comments  and opinions are my own.

So now it's your chance to WIN a box.  All you need to do is go LIKE Babbaco and Time for Play, on Facebook.
Leave a comment here telling me you have done so, along with your name and email so I can contact you if your the winner.  You can enter until July 31st. This giveaway is only for USA residents.
If you can't wait, or don't win, Babbaco has a special code just for my readers.  You can receive 20% off your first box with the code TFP20OFF. They are also running a Back to School special.  You can recieve 33% off your 1st 3 month membership, that's 20.00 a box (regulaly 29.99).  You all know I'm all about a bargin, gotta love it!  Go to their website Babbaco, and enter TFP33BTS in the Promotion Code Box. 
 So go ahead and enter, someone's gonna win, might as well be YOU!

And our winner is....Melissa Hoang!  Congratulations! You are going to love your FREE Babba Box.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Let Them Roll, Easy Marble Run

This is about as easy as it gets and occupied my kids for a very long time.  They get this out a lot!
All you need it a pool noodle, some marbles and something to catch them in (or not).  I used a roasting pan because the kids were able to hear the marble "ting" at the bottom.  My two created marble races, and discovered which marbles fit down the noodle, which ones got stuck and which ones went fast!  So fun, cheap, easy and all sorts of skills being used.   Some of the skills are cause and effect, small motor, cooperation, language development, comparing and contrasting, hand/eye coordination, sensory, shapes, oh so many skills!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firework Couture

My wonderful friend, Meagan, sent me some pictures of her kids making their own Fireworks shirts for the big day tommorrow.  They came out so cute, I asked her if I could share the shirts with you all.  Thank you, Meagan!!  I just love the way they came out.  YOU still have time to do these.  Just grab a white shirt, some sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, some rubber bands and cups or jars.  Here's how she did it.

Just rubber band your shirt (here, her 5 year old is making a onsie for their baby boy) to your cup or jar.  Draw in some stars with the markers and then drip or spray with rubbing alcohol.  The colors with start to run and spread.  Move the shirt and do it again until you are happy with the coverage.

Look how cute he looks!

They came out GREAT! Just throw them in the dryer to set the color.

You can see where we did this HERE. We didn't use the cups just drew on the shirts.

Thanks again Meagan, for letting me share this.  Your kiddos are just too cute!
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