Monday, October 21, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

My son brought home a book from school about spiders the other day.  It had pictures of all sorts of different ones, hairy, smooth, big, little, all different colors.  I thought it would be a good extension is we each made our own unique spider.  We used pipe cleaners, pony beads, and straws cut into small pieces. 
We twisted 4 pipe cleaners together, then formed the spiders body by squishing the pipe cleaners together.

Then we pulled apart the legs and adjusted them so we could put on the beads and straws.

This was great for their fine motor skills and also expressing their creativity in creating their very own spiders.  I love how they look.  You could also use play dough and pipe cleaners for a different creative opportunity.
Here are some other great spider crafts,
These silly spiders from Preschool Playbook
and these super cute egg carton spiders from Go Graham Go
Have a wonderful day!

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