Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Melting Crayons Experiment

I have seen these all over the blogs and Pinterest for awhile now.  I had to try it, it just looks soooo fun!  We decided to make an experiment out of it.  We choose 4 different crayon types to see if they would melt differently.  It turned out to be quite interesting.  One of the brand of crayons did not melt at all and another brand turned to liquid as soon as it was heated.
First, we tried out the crayons by simply coloring with them on the canvas. Then, we hot glued the crayons on.  After that, we took 2 hair dryers to it to speed the melting process up.  It does take a few minutes for the process to begin but once they do start to melt it is quite exciting. 
Here are our results, very cool!

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Joanne said...

This is fabulous! We have made several - aren't they fun??!!!