Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life Skill: Folding Laundry

The kids love to play with the cloth napkins, using them as hats, blankets for the babies, "wrapping" their toys up, etc.  The issue was getting them put away.  The solution....teach them how to fold them up.  So, we each grabbed a napkin and layed it out.  Then I showed them how to "hot dog" (horitzontal) fold, then "hamburger" (vertical) fold and one more "hot dog" fold.  Voila....a folded napking.  The best part of the folding was sitting on the napkin to make it flat, their idea, not mine.  Now, they want to fold everything they see!  Win/Win!

 Hot Dog Fold
 Hamburger Fold
Hot Dog Fold

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