Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ice Crowns

Okay well, not really, ice.... but "icicle looking" might be more accurate. My kids loved making these and squeezing the glue bottle onto the triangles is an excellent fine motor strengthening skill.  Yay!
Here is  how we made them,

First, fold a paper plate in half,

Cut triangles through center.  When you unfold the paper plate, you might need to cut a few more triangles on the sides.

The kids used crayons first to color around and on the crown.  Then we folded up the points and added some glitter glue.

Then put it on and do a little ice dance!  Or not, whatever.  Some of my kids have very large brains so I had to cut the crown and staple a little strip of paper to help the crown go around their little heads.  

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