Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Plastic Glove Painting

This was so fun.  The kids had to really squeeze the gloves to get the paint to drip out, which means they were strengthening their hand muscles.  It was fun to squirt out the paint in such a different way. 

First, I squeezed the paint into the glove. I added a little water to thin the paint so it wasn't too difficult to get out.  Then I tied off the glove and punctured a couple of the fingertips with a push pin.  Then I handed the gloves over to the kiddos.  

 This is how the painting ended up, which is AWESOME!   When most of the paint was squeezed out the kids to actually painting with the gloves.  They had a great time and had an entirely new painting experience.

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Rachel said...

I bet that is exactly what it would look like when my toddler was finished too! We just bought a bunch of these for a project, and I bet we'll only use a couple pairs - so I'll have to try this when we're finished!