Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painting with Pineapple Leaves

Did you know that you can paint with pineapple leaves?  I actually have never thought about it, but my kiddos sure did.  While cutting up our pineapple, my daughter pulled each and every leaf out of the top of it.  Then asked for some paint.  Why not?  We got out the paint (yellow and green for pineapple colors, of course) and some paper.  That's all it took to set these little artists up!  It is always fun to paint with unexpected materials.  Keeps the creativity fresh and challenges those developing minds to think outside of the box.  Pineapple leaves will no longer be seen the same in this house!

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Kim HB said...

I love their creativity. We have a pineapple waiting in the wings to be cut up and juiced & I love re-using things that would have normally been thrown away. Thanks for the idea!