Monday, June 13, 2011

Silly Bandz Ice Extraction

This was a super simple project just right for a hot day.  It took a little prep on my side but was well worth it.  First, I colored water and added some silly bandz to it.  I did 2 different layers of ice in the bowls just to make it a little bit more challenging.  I popped out the hunks of ice into some baking tins.  The kids collected what they thought they would need to "rescue" the bandz.  Their supplies included, water, hammers,  and kids screwdrivers. I went and got the kids some large nails when I saw them hammering their screwdrivers into the ice.  This made a big difference.  My son really enjoyed this experience.  He did not give up until he got the bandz out. We took this outside since the ice was going everywhere, which is where we should have started anyway. You really could use any small object to put in the ice.  Excellent for problem solving, small motor skills, sensory, science, cooling off, and using up some energy.

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Cathy Denman said...

I keep meaning to do this activity. Love the idea of using big nails, so need to get some of these!

Sandra said...

Wow!! So sweet and cute post. Loved this idea. But, one need to be very careful before giving nails to kids.

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