Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flour, Water and Balloons = Pinatas!!

I saw these cute, miniature pinatas at Ruffled and thought they were so fun.  So we tried our hand at making them.  The mixing of the flour and water was probably my kids favorite part.  My daughter was up to her elbows in it, literally! We didn't measure the amount of flour or water, just added the water little by little until it was the consistency of glue.  We spread it on the balloon and then smoothed on pieces of newspaper that we torn into random sizes.  When the balloon was covered, we let it dry overnight.  The next morning, we popped the balloon and removed it.  The kids choose which color tissue paper they wanted and I cut it into strips.  This part I did mostly on my own.  I folded the strips and then fringed the folded tissue square.  The kids added a line of glue all around the pinata and I followed with the tissue paper.  We started at the bottom and worked our way up. I taped a string of yarn to the top after I put a few little goodies inside of them.  I glued a piece of tissue paper to the hole in the bottom so the goodies wouldn't fall out.  They can't wait to "whack 'em"!  Pretty simple and the kids had fun with the paste!
Thank you Ruffled for the cute idea!

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They turned out very well!