Monday, March 14, 2011

Spectacular, Slimy Spaghetti

We had a super good time with this rainbow spaghetti.  I had some extra noodles left over from our dinner so I colored it with different food colors and let the kids play with it.  I put down the wax paper so it wouldn't stick to the table and my son asked for the glue.  Squeezing the glue bottle is an excellent small muscle builder, and a great sensory experience.  They loved it!  We made rainbows, S's and my son made a swimming pool for the spaghetti.  Fabulous way to play and learn the letter "S" and the sound it makes!!

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Deborah Stewart said...

That is so cool!

Messy Kids said...

What a great idea! How did you dye the cooked noodles?

Time For Play said...

I just seperated them up and added a couple drops of food coloring to them. Super easy!