Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balloons + Paint = Feet Painting?

One of our favorite art activities is balloon painting.  T and R love it because well, they love balloons, they get a nice "spat" when they squish the balloon in the paint and then again on the paper, and it makes a really fun print they call "fireworks".  I love it because there is virtually no clean up.  Just pop the balloons and toss them in the trash.  No rinsing out brushes!  So, they began their art nicely enough.  Squishing and color mixing very politely.  Then T began to really get into the paint, rubbing it all over his hands.  R accidentally stepped on her painting as she was trying to get to the paint...and whoops...she slid across the canvas.  Ohhhh, what fun!!  She squished more paint on and went skating.  T thought this look like a good time and he followed suit.  I love when the kids take an idea and step it up without any direction at all.  Creativity at it's best!!!  Balloon painting is a wonderful tactile experience, lets the kiddos create new colors and learn about color mixing. 

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