Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sight and Word Family Games

Now that my daughter is in Kinder, part of her curriculum  is working on sight words and word families. I am trying to add some engaging, hands on ways for her to practice learning them.  Here are a few of the games I've come up with to help her.

Swat the Word

This game, I simply set out the sight words, I happened to have this set, but you could easily write the words on index cards or such.

I gave my daughter a clean fly swatter.  I keep a couple on hand for painting, balloon tennis, etc. I got these at the Dollar Tree for 2/1.00. Then I call out the word and she "swats" it. 
We took the words away as she swatted. Easy Peasy!
Word Family Flower
I wrote the word families on the edge of the craft sticks, then she matched all the word families,

put a dot of glue in the middle and glued them all together.

She added a little button center,

and voila...a word family flower!
Roll a Sentence
I found these fun word dice at the Dollar Tree and bought 2 packs of them.
I gave each child 3 dice to roll.  Then they either tried to make a sentence or just read the words. This is one of their favorite games to play.  It can get quite silly and that makes it fun!

(looks like my camera needs a little cleaning...sorry about the blurriness, but you get the point, right?)
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Anonymous said...

Great ideas!! I love the word family flower...My daughters would love that for sure & I def need to check my dollar tree for those word dice, I haven't seen those before. Thanks for sharing.

Forest Rose

Anonymous said...

I love the sight word flower. What a great idea! I have pinned in onto my Learning to Read board.