Friday, May 18, 2012

Good, Clean Fun

When I saw this over at Growing a Jeweled Rose, I knew I had to find some sort of giant sponge type object. We had a couple nap mats that had some tears in them so we have been using them outside to sit on. I took the pads out and squirted some dish soap on them. I gave the kids some water in watering cans and let them get to work. I did not say anything about the bubbles or what to do. It was so much fun to see them stomping on the sponges to discover the bubbles coming up. What I love is that when we are done, we simply hose off the sponges, patio and kiddos! They ask to do this everyday, so I bought a bottle of dish soap just for outside. It's a great experience for cause and effect, sensory, problem solving, using their social skills, and using their large motor skills! Click HERE, to see how what they used for a sponge over at Growing a Jeweled Rose! Thank you so much for the inspiration, Jeweled Rose!


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Crystal Underwood said...

Aw, it looks like they have been having great fun ! Clean fun :)

Andrea said...

I never experience that when I was a kid. Now that I already have my own kids I let them play with that stuff and be messy as long as they are safe :)