Friday, February 3, 2012

Flyswatter Painting (minus the paint)

We love painting (well, whacking) with flyswatters.  I love doing this activity outside, well because, it's MESSY!  I don't care about messes usually, they clean up, the memories that we create last forever!  However, cleaning paint off my floors and cabinets takes time away from playing with my kids.  Sooooo, we did flyswatter painting with WATER!  It was a lot of fun too.  We still had the satisfaction of whacking,  splattering and making prints, yet virtually no cleanup.  We loved talking about evaporation and absorption AND we we able to swat all we wanted because our work kept disappearing! 
All you need is some big paper, fly swatter and a shallow pan of water.  I used a cookie sheet with just enough water to get the swatter wet. 
 Have at it kids!

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