Sunday, August 21, 2011

Straws and Bottles

Sometimes my kiddos get stuff out and just start working.  Sometimes I document it and sometimes I don't.  They found the package of straws that I had just bought, ummm, for drinking.  They had a different vision.  They went to the supply closet, grabbed all the bottles and just started creating. Most of the time, it really is the simpliest things that gains their interest. I didn't ask what they were doing or what they were building, I didn't ask them anything.  Just observed their concentration and creativity.   
 Let the physics lessons begin!

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Amy said...

Kids always amaze me! This would be a fun preschool activity.

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I like this! I need to add colored straws to my things to buy list. Happy Friday from Vicky @

Tammy Murphy said...

ohhhh, I like this idea.... I think I need to try this with my toddlers tomorrow! thank you for sharing.