Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Foamanator

Okay, so I have seen these all over the internet lately and had to give them a try.  What kid doesn't love bubbles??  I gathered my supplies, two old water bottles with the bottoms cut off, an old dish towel, cut into squares and some rubber bands.  I secured the towel to the bottom of the bottle with the rubber band. Poured some dish detergent with water into a shallow container, went outside and handed them over to the kids.  It was windy the day we tried these, so the wind kept breaking the bubble chain before it could get to long.  The wind would take the bubbles up into the air and blow them all around.  It was great!  Another super cheap and easy activity for your kids entertainment.

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1 comment:

Paula Perry said...

I love this idea, maybe you could add colour and paint on a big sheet of paper.